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Monthly Artist Spotlight Project!


I know this is long, apologies, but this is worth the read.

Something I have always wanted to do, is to support other artists. There are countless of talented, creative and wonderful people out there. While I cannot help them reach fame or a stable job career, I can help in…

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japanese dragon:

- long
- chill
- no wings
- legs
- moustache
- in the sea

chinese dragon:

- long
- p chill
- no wings
- legs often but not always
- impressive beard
- 9 is a big deal

european dragons:

- jerks
- breathing fire
- wings
- often actually a wyvern
- compulsive hoarding
- caves

slavic dragon:

- three fucking heads bro
- can you believe it
- wings and like
- 3 whole heads


- honestly probably just a whale and you should all chill 

American Dragon:

- jake long

dragon up!

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"There is more to life than love." -Ramon Bautista

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the last thing a mother should be doing


is filling up her daughter’s head with notions that she won’t be complete until she finds a man

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You can suggest here or at my twitter! :)

The Watt-sons.

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