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The Fault In Our Barks

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In Episode 44 of Korracast, our Viewer Response prompt was to create a piece of Photoshop or Fan Art depicting your favorite Avatar or Legend of Korra characters in brand new clothing. Send us your best work and our favorite will win a signed Korra poster!
Entries can be submitted at our Facebook Page:

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mentalstimuli whispered,

Hey lesean! I admire your work and I think you moving out to Korea for animation was a rad move. I read on your blog somewhere that you didn't go to school for animation. So are you self taught? If so I'd like to know what kind of resources did you take advantage of to teach yourself animation. Right now I am teaching myself but can't help but feel like I'm most likely over looking a lot of things. Can you offer any advice that may help me on my journey? Thank you so much.


Hey Mentalstimuli, thanks!

I don’t consider myself “self taught,” as I learned and sponged from a lot of guys on the job in my formative years and they were all formally trained graduates. So although I didn’t attend an art/animation university, I did learn and take from peers who showed me what they learned and how they applied it. I think your feeling as if  you’re overlooking a lot of things, is actually a good thing. It means you know you have much to learn and not settling…there’s plenty of time. 

This is what I learned before the internet really existed the way it does for kids in this era (no google, Youtube, blogspots, tumblrs, social media back then) so in fact it’s much easier now than ever to learn. Just decide what you want to learn and focus on that.

Also—and this is really important— you’re gonna suck for a while, so get used to that. You can’t get better on a blank canvas, so keep at it until you don’t suck anymore. Trust your instincts and look at the works of people who you admire and study why what they do is great. Keep drawing every day.

That’s not called “self taught.” It’s called “self discipline.” 

Good luck bro! :-)

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